KMS Wrestling

Kenton Middle School wrestlers place 12th with 84.5 points out of 20 teams at the 5th Annual Jacob Andrews Memorial Invitational held at Clyde High School.  Perkins won the meet with 279 points.  Top placers for Kenton were Rylee Messenger, 6th place at 122 lbs; Carter Bays, 3rd place at 134 lbs; and Noah Thibaut with a 2nd place finish at 172 lbs. Kenton hosts a tri-meet with Van Buren and Allen East at Kenton Middle School Wednesday, January 11th at 5:00 pm.
80 lb – Tyler Howard (0-3)
          Loss to Ben Lubbe (Avon) by Fall :56
          Loss to Andrew Bott (Huron) by Fall :1:06
          Loss to Billy Smith (Perkins) by Fall :44
98 lb – Dhalin Damon (2-2)
          Lost to Cael Saxton (Avon) by Fall 1:12
          Win by Fall over Mick Takacs (Monreville) :40
          Win by Fall over Adrien Tolento (St. Wendelin) 2:53
          Lost to Jameson Mullens (Port Clinton) by Fall 1:33
110 lb – Josh Hart (1-2)
           Lost to Myron Stoll (St. Paul) by Fall 1:02
           Lost to Edgar Harrison (Tiffin) by Fall 2:20
           Win over Ryan Christian (Avon) 2-0
116 lb – Asher Bridenstein (2-2)
           Lost to Deondree Darden by Fall :37
           Won over Isaac Romell (Norwalk St. Paul) by Decision 6-2
           Won over Timmy Wensink (Perkins) by Decision 10-7
           Lost to Jake Ward by Fall 1:17
116 lb – Lucas Hites (0-3)
           Lost to Logan Crowell (Perkins) by Fall :29
           Lost to John Fleming (Margaretta) by Fall 3:39
           Lost to Evan Keefe (Tiffin) by Fall 1:01
122 lb – Rylee Messenger (2-3) – 6th Place
            Lost to JoshStanley (Clyde) by Fall 1:17
            Won over Fisher Isaac Gaietto (Hopewell-Loudon) by Major Decision 12-0
            Lost to Luc Busdeker (Tiffin) by Fall 1:28
            Won over Jacob Eck (Huron) by Decision 2-0
            Lost to Beaux Keinonen (Perkins) by Fall 2:45
128 lb – Zach Hart (0-3)
            Lost to Jose Luna (Archbold) by Fall :41
            Lost to Cade Carroll (Clyde) by Decision 6-3
            Lost to Oliver Maloney (Norwalk) by Decision 8-7
134 lb – Carter Bays (4-1) 3rd Place
            Won over Matthew Stevens (Bowling Green) by Fall :12
            Won over Logan Catri (Perkins) by Fall 2:13
            Won over Daniel Spurrier (Huron) by Tech Fall 15-0
            Loss to Kesean Jackson (Tiffin) by Decision 6-2
            Won over Logan Catri (Perkins) by Fall :20
142 lb – Jacob Taylor (3-2) 5th Place
            Loss to Devon Spurrier (Huron) by Fall 3:11
            Win over Meadow Bess (Huron) by Fall 1:49
            Loss to John Alcoser (Archbold) by Fall :36
            Win over Logan Zimmerman (Norwalk) by Major Decision 13-0
            Win over Derrick Adams (Bowling Green) by Decision 5-2
150 lb – Logan Hurt (1-2)
            Win over Mason Luipold (Huron) by Major Decision 11-1
            Loss to Ethan Phillips (Norwalk) by Fall :51
            Loss to Samareon Gordon (Sandusky) by Fall 1:18
160 lb – Mitchell Jennings (0-4)
            Loss to JJ Holliday (Huron) by Fall :27
            Loss to Ryan Emshoff (Mohawk) by Fall 3:33
            Loss to Alex Roblero (Norwalk) by Fall :28
            Loss to Brodie Vitt (Hopewell-Loudon) by Fall :52
172 lb – Noah Thibaut (4-1) 2nd Place
            Win over Corbin Prieur (Margaretta) by Fall 2:18
            Win over Soloman Johnson (Sandusky) by Fall :45
            Win by Default over Joe Wallace (Huron)
            Win over Kasean Hatlay (Tiffin) by Fall 2:43
205 lb – Cameron Zicafoose (0-2)
            Loss to Zachary Leeth (Mohawk) by Fall 1:09
            Loss to Christian Hummel-Meek (Clyde) by Fall 1:54

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