Forms and Information

Athletic Forms and Information

High School Eligibility

All athletes and cheerleaders are subject to the eligibility rules as established by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. OHSAA eligibility for extracurricular athletics requires that the student pass five classes each nine weeks. P.E. is ¼ credit and does not count as one of the five classes needed to be eligible. In addition to the five classes, students must maintain a 1.0 GPA per nine weeks to participate in OHSAA athletics. Students must meet all OHSAA transfer rules and not have reached the age of 19 prior to August 1st. Playing on independent teams may affect athletic eligibility–check with the athletic director.

Middle School Eligibility

A student’s athletic eligibility is based on a nine-week grading period. The student must earn passing grades in a minimum of 4 core courses (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Global Seminar) plus 1 additional course taken the 9-week grading period previous to the sport season being participated in. It is the student’s responsibility to see that this requirement is met. The student’s failure to meet the eligibility requirements will result in denial of athletic participation in the next nine-week grading period. For eligibility purposes, summer school grades may not be used to substitute for failing grades received the final grading period of the regular school year or for the lack of enough subjects taken the preceding grading period.

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